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Guest Message by DevFuse



We are the reason for THIS season

Posted by Bestemor Claus in Judith P Broderick's Blog, 19 April 2014 - - - - - - · 53 views

Holy week (or Passion Week) has always been especially meaningful to me. In my family, Lent was a time to reflect and renew. During this time of reflection, I am often brought to tears of humbleness thinking about the sacrifice that was made for me. The last week of Christ's life, as told in the Bible, is filled with amazing accounts, leading to the gut w...


Prayers Appreciated

Posted by UTAuley in Back in the Red Suit ... I Hope, 17 April 2014 - - - - - - · 36 views

We knew it was an eventuality, but last week it became a reality. My 18 m/o daughter, Evie, was admitted to the hospital on Monday of last week and last Wednesday she underwent surgery to have a peritoneal catheter inserted. They started her up on dialysis that evening and have continued it to date. A few hours ago, her nephrologist stated that he sees at...


Mistletoe Musings - Thoughts About Yesteryear

Posted by John Johnson in The Life and Times of Santa Claus WV, 05 April 2014 - - - - - - · 90 views

Mistletoe Musings - Thoughts About Yesteryear When I was a little boy I thought (as many little boys do) that my Dad had the greatest job in the world. He was the sergeant of police for a little town in West Virginia called Nitro. My Dad would drive down our street and would turn on the sirens for my friends and I who ran out to wave at him as he passed - such an Opie-like thing to do. But at Christm...


Special Thanks

Posted by vonredman in Von Redmans Blog, 31 March 2014 - - - - - - · 53 views

To The Clausnet Family,
When I joined Clausnet organization someone never knows how things go and feel.In this case I do believe it has to be on of the greatest family;s I joined. I feel allot of great folks greeted and welcomed me in a very kind way and great words were spoke. After joining the other day I ended up in the Hospital with hernia and had to...


The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Posted by Santa Johnathan in Santa Johnathan's Blog, 27 March 2014 - - - - - - · 85 views

The Light at the End of the Tunnel...We Need a Little Christmas!

When I fell in mid November, I had no idea that it would be over four month before I was truly walking again. Now, while I've already written a few times on the subject, I'm happy to say that I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

This week the staples were removed from...


And please no animated penguins!

Posted by SantaNana in SantaNana's Blog, 26 March 2014 - - - - - - · 76 views

I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.
Walt Disney

I had a date with myself last Friday night. I made something special for dinner, and popped some corn, and bought an actual Coca-Cola and some Red Vines. I get movies at home via Amazon dot com, so I cued up "Saving Mr....


santa claus uk paul`s health up date

Posted by Santa Claus UK in Santa Claus UK's Blog, 20 March 2014 - - - - - - · 64 views

Hi! This is Santa Claus uk Paul. I would like to thank Michael Rielly and every one at Clausnet over my Ill health. Here is the latest on my health. I have been in and out of hosptial from Christmas Eve up and till 7 days ago. My fight with the Lupus Disease goes on. My hair is growing back in small places. This is due to the Radiation in my body from too...



Posted by Santa TJS in Santa TJS' Blog, 09 March 2014 - - - - - - · 59 views

Well it was eight months ago I hung up the badge after 35 years and began retirement. No more call outs in the middle of the night, no meetings no court appearances or out of state travel for training . Finally all the projects that were often planned for Saturdays that never got done are now in progress or completed. I miss the people I worked with but m...


A Reintroduction and More Than You Ever Wanted to Know about Me!

Posted by Santa Al TX in Blog of a Wimpy Santa, 07 March 2014 - - - - - - · 159 views

This is my first blog/major entry I have done on Clausnet. If you’re short on time or easily offended, you probably don’t want to continue......

OK. So you want to continue? That’s fine. You have been warned……

Let me give an overdue and proper introduction that did not occur when I became a Clausnet member. My name is Allan. I am of Chine...


Adressing your concerns

Posted by SantaMick in SantaMick's Blog, 06 March 2014 - - - - - - · 172 views

Adressing your concerns As some of you may know, I come from a background in pro-wrestling. and, when given the opportunity to participate in the upcoming documentary "I am Santa Claus", was immediately drawn to the parrallells between the Santa world and the wrestling world. In 1999, I wrote a book about my career in wrestling, "Have a Nice Day" that pulled back the curtain and...



Posted by Santa Sandy in Santa Sandy's Blog, 20 February 2014 - - - - - - · 130 views

As reported via the chatroom, Santa Sandy (that's me) is officially retiring on ill health grounds, costume hung up, reindeer out to permanent pasture, elven helpers reassigned to other work. Decided that if I cannot do the job properly I would rather not do it at all.

So, farewell, all Fathers Christmas, have a great 2014 season, keep the bells ringing,...


Taxes and You the Santa

Posted by Santa Gordon in Santa Gordon's Blog, 13 February 2014 - - - - - - · 244 views

Taxes and you the Santa

That time of year is coming again but you should have been working on this year round. I do a long form every year now for over 29 yeas simply because doing the short form with 1099s will lead to paying taxes that you cannot use your deductions to off set. The very first time I ran across the "self employment tax" which is basi...


New for Our 2014 Season - Custom Suits!

Posted by Santa Leonard in Santa Leonard's Blog, 11 February 2014 - - - - - - · 115 views

Well, this is the year. Our off-the-rack Halco suits will be our "work-horse" suits, our go to suits for Breakfast with Santa events, our Tanglewood Park appearances, Krispy Creme Doughnut store visits, and other functions where sticky fingers can play havoc with fur.

This is the year for my epitome of Santa costuming - the custom suit, Huzzah!



I would like to know how to print out the newsletter each month.

Posted by Santa Marc in Santa Marc's Blog, 09 January 2014 - - - - - - · 124 views

I would like to know how to print out the newsletter each month. How do I print out the newsletter each month? I cannot find a link to do so.


Thank you to ClausNet and thoughts on 2014

Posted by JpSanta in JpSanta's Blog, 08 January 2014 - - - - - - · 141 views

Thank you to ClausNet and thoughts on 2014 My first entry into this blog is to first say thank you to the members of ClausNet for accepting me into the forum and family of Santa's. I've been trying to find another Santa to talk to for the last two seasons and to have been able to find and get accepted into this community, is just an honor. This last season was my best ever in Japan, with visits to...


A 2013 Christmas Season Memory...

Posted by Morgan in Santa Morgan's Blog, 28 December 2013 - - - - - - · 164 views

This was my fourth season as a Santa. For the last three years I've been the Santa for the local elementary school Christmas program. Santa closes out the show with an appearance, some candy canes and with a crush of some 50+ youngsters in the last hour as parents shoot pics up at the stage from the floor below. It represented some unique difficulties...


First Appearance at Adopt-A-Grandparent Day a Success for the Kids

Posted by Santa Hays in Santa Hays' Blog, 14 December 2013 - - - - - - · 169 views

Last Wednesday I made a brief Santa visit at the senior center's Adopt-A-Grandparent Day. The kids seemed to enjoy it as Santa arrived, and began to hand out little gift bags (put together by an activities coordinator). It's the first appearance I'd done in over a year and I was surprised at how nervous I was. I knew I was rusty when I decided to ask the...


From: Santa at Naval Base

Posted by Santa Laureate in Santa Laureate's Blog, 11 December 2013 - - - - - - · 130 views

Source: Santa at Naval Base


The little girl in the leopard jacket...

Posted by SantaNicholas1980 in SantaNicholas1980's Blog, 04 December 2013 - - - - - - · 193 views

The little girl in the leopard jacket... For anyone who doesn't know, I'm a manager at a movie theatre. In our location, we have a game room with arcade games, claw machines, air hockey tables and the like in an area off of the main lobby. Last night at work, one of the floor staff called me over to the game room because a little girl had successfully picked up a stuffed animal in one of the cla...


Success is a confusing thing...

Posted by SantaCraig in SantaCraig's Blog, 06 November 2013 - * * * * - · 191 views

Every year about this time the common feeling of anxiety, excitement, depression, and so forth sets in.
Will I have enough jobs? How can I book more visits? I am so excited as the time grows near, yet I fear if I can actually keep up with the grueling schedule...that I hope to have, that I don't quite have yet. Will anyone call or email me today? What am...

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