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2008 Season Has Ended

Santa TJS

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Well this season got over quickly as circumstances changed rapidly as my wife underwent two heart surgeries the first on December 8th which was supposed to be a day in the hospital which as things would have it turned into major open hart surgery. Thank the Lord she made it through, though we were all the worse for wear with worry. Canceled a number of my regular Santa appearances though I was able to continue my Christmas Eve visits on a smaller scale with the help of a friend to drive and another to stay with the Mrs. All and all I am thankful for her recovery and now look for her to get well. I will start planing for the 2009 season with the hope that I may be able to get to Celebrate Santa this March. Looking ahead there is all the decorations to take down and store. That is the worst time for me, I so enjoy putting them up, putting them away is sad and painful. Look to the new year with hope and anticipation, wish all of you safe ,health and prosperous New Year.

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Santa Stewart


Santa TJS your wife will be in our prayers.My own wife had three aortic aneuryms surgeries in the past 10 years!!So, I can identify with what your going though.Keep a postive out look it is rough I know.Prayer is very important I would have been "the booby hatch" a long time ago without it!It's the only thing I can say and offer!

God Love You,

Santa Stewart

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