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Memories of Santa Claus

Michael Rielly

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My earliest Santa Claus memory was when I was 6-years old.

I have always loved Lego. In fact, I still do and yes I still play with Lego.

One year I asked Santa for a Lego set. Back then they didn't have kits or models like they have today. Lego sets we simply a box with some total number of standard and specialty blocks. I remember that I wanted more clear blocks so I could make windshields for my spaceships.

Anyway, Christmas Day came and there was no Lego. There were lots of gifts: GI Joes, Rock Em Sock Em Robots, Tonka Trucks, but no Lego. I was really disappointed. I asked Santa for Lego in my letter and even in person. Santa came to my house a few days before Christmas and I told him then. How could he have forgotten?

The next day, December 26, my younger brother and I got up early and decided to go into the living room and pretend it was Christmas Day again. Since all out toys were still spread out all over the room, it would be just like Christmas morning.


My brother (left) and I (right) Christmas morning

When we went into the living room, there on the hearth of the fireplace was a box of Lego. At first I though that maybe I just didn't see it the day before. Maybe it was lost in all the other toys we got. But there on the box was a note. It was a letter from Santa!

I wish I still had the letter, but I don't need it to remember exactly what it said.

Dear Michael,

I found this in the bottom of my sleigh when I got back to the North Pole. It was so foggy last night that I didn't see it fall out of my bag.

See you next year!



My brother and I ran into my parents bedroom to show them the letter from Santa. My father growled at us, "Get back to bed!" and my mother simply told us to go back into the living room and to play quietly.

I don't remember what happened to that letter. But I remember reading it over and over again. The letter and that box of Lego is a Christmas memory I will always remember.


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