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Santa Gets His Whiskers

Santa TJS

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A little early Christmas magic happened a few days ago when Santa got his whiskers. I am somewhat of a Santa whisker stylist of sorts, all self taught, taking ordinary sets and working them into something better. Always on the look out for that perfect set of whiskers. Well a while back I read of a Santa looking for a certain set of whiskers that are out of production. I know he had seen them in the advertisement on the Rubies site where he got his suit. It was a very nice beard made to look like the Yak sets of a bygone era.Well there is not a lot you can do the good stuff seems to be all out of production. Well I am scanning through the EBAY site and see a box I recognize to be the package from Rubies Santa set 2306,having no idea what was really inside I make a couple of bids.Unfortunately I receive a notice I was outbid so that was it ,so I thought, The ad also incorrectly gave the wrong product number I figured Oh it was not the 2306 set after all. So a week or two later having forgot about this I get a message from the seller that the buyer did not go through with the bid. He asks do I want the set? I ask him to check the tags sure enough they are a 2306. I make the purchase and wait to see what is actually in the box. Several days later the box is wedged in my mailbox. It took some doing to remove it. Well I open it up and behold a brand new Rubies 2306 set in original package with the tags. Well I contact this Santa who I don't know, except by reading some of his posts to see if he wants it. He is surprised to say the least,I tell him it cost half the retail that was advertised and it was his for the asking. I took it out styled it up a bit and sent it off to him. He seems quite pleased with my internet bargain.With a bit of Christmas magic Santa got what he asked for this Christmas his whiskers.

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Santa Paul RI


Hi SantaTJS, have aa great season stay safe and healthy,(nice story in your blog) Santa Paul

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Santa Marty


True to the spirit of Santa!

Some Santa somewhere is VERY lucky!

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Father Christmas


Santa TJS,

As one Santa still seeking 'The' perfect beard for next year, I can only imagine how happy this fellow was / is at your taking the time and trouble you did to make his Christmas rock!

Long live the Spirit of Christmas!


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Kris Claus


I just found this blog. :thumbsup: I happen to be that blessed Santa which Santa Tom helped out. As some of you know, I found another one on ebay just a last weeks. Even for the slightly higher "buy it now" price, it was almost half the retail price.

I can't tell you how blessed I am to have two of these out of production beard sets. :thumbup2:

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