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The Life and Times of Santa Claus WV

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Views on an old truth about Santa

John Johnson

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When we think of Santa, we should ultimately come away with this truth: Santa Claus = benevolence. He is the supreme example of selfless giving, next to the Meaning of Christmas. We all know that Santa gives and gives to all people with the truest of love and good will.

As Santa Clauses in our own right we too are called to give to the children of all ages that we serve as well. In the short time that we come into contact with them, we give the children something to believe in. Perhaps it is a smile to combat a tear. Perhaps it is a word of encouragement given at the right moment. It is something that they will remember.

While we deliver this service to the children we encounter in its truest form, we must not forget that we owe the same to our brothers in red. This, I feel, is something that we should all strive to do. We should encourage one another to excell in our ventures in the name of Claus. We should challenge one another to go the extra mile of kindness in mentoring and in general fellowship. Whatever endeavor is taking place, if there is a potential for making glad the heart of childhood we should all be willing to lend a helping hand and fond encouragement. The least we can do is lift up a brother to succeed and be the best Santa that he can be. This applies also to all Christmas folk and even the occasional Easter Bunny :thumbsup:

So, let us all take a moment this week and reflect upon our actions toward our brothers in red, our neighbors in the community of Christmas. Are we doing all we can to encourage one another in the true spirit of Santa? Or are we only showing negativity and indifference? I pray that I am an encouragement to others everyday, as we all should be. Remember the words of the Reason for the Season, "Love thy neighbor as thyself."


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Amen! Beautifully said. Thanks for that, Santa Claus WV.

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Big Jim Santa


Hi. Santa John in WV

Its Big Jim Santa from Peoria Illinois ant I read your artical about VIEWS ON AN OLD TRUTH ABOUT SANTA.

Its a great artical and is so very true for all of thoughs who dawn on the red suit.

I do so love the chance to be Santa and for me its a blessing to give love and bring a small amount of Christmas to all ages,

Keep up the great work SANTA JOHN.

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Santa Guy


Santa John In WV

You do my friend inspire and encourage us all another great insite and post thanks and keep up the good work.


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