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What to do to protect from sickness ?

Big Jim Santa

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Big Jim Santa

From Peoria IL.

What typ of protection do you have or get to stop from catching a VIROUS ?

i JUST RECIVED A SHOT OF TDAP WHICH IS A ( Tenanus-Diphtheria or Pertussis ) Vaccine. I also have on hand desanitzer hand wips,hand clener,Vitemun C taps, cough drops.and two or for pairs of clean gloves on hand.

the added protection for (Whooping Cough ) As a vetern and a practicing Santa Claus that has many age groups of children and adults who come in contact with him the added protection in needed.

So what do you Santas do to protect yourself from sickness ?

Oh yes if you are a military veteran you can get these shots at your local V.A. Clinic.

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Felix Estridge


I get a flu shot every year, vitamin C, and garlic pills. But I always get something from some snot-nosed kiddo.

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