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This is Not a Race...Enjoy the Ride.

Santa Johnathan

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I'm sure this has been covered more than a few times but I wanted to address it as well.

To all of our wonderful new members that join our ranks...I can assure you, it is NOT a race...find your pace and steady the course my friends.

What do I mean? Well, as a new member, for many; it's a GIANT eye opening experience being here. The door to the "North Pole Workshop" has now been open, so to speak, and there are "things" that you never knew existed before for your purchasing enjoyment.

A suit you might have looked at with pride the year before, all of a sudden you only see it is the "off the shelf" look. The boots you had before, perhaps you want REAL leather now, that's what SANTA would have...right!? Well, I am all for upgrading, buying, making, and adding new items...but I did not do it all in one year...and no one should feel they have to.

Steady the course my friends...you do not have to empty the entire savings account to purchase all of these things at once.

Suits, boots, beards, pins, buckles, belts, shirts, bags, props, cards, makeup, and more! Wow...that's just exhausting! There is no one saying that you cannot portray Santa and give a magical experience to a child with "off the shelf" items...it can be done and has many, many times. I'm sure if we all look back at the Santas of our own childhood we would be amazed...while some visited with world class Santas, most of us had very modest and humble materials to make the look. We did not notice the difference

It's fun to add to your "box of tools" each year. I personally have a list of my bigger ticket items I'd like to add for the next 5 years ...it does not need to be done all at once.

These comments I make for me too as I think we can all fall prey to this need to have better or "the best." I continually look at my own items and it's easy to get sucked into the desire and want to have something better. Perhaps I see something another Santa has and I begin wanting that more than just being happy and blessed with what I have at the moment. There is an obvious lesson to be learned here. What do we think of when we have a child on our knee with a giant list of name brand, top of the line electronics they want for Christmas!? Are we any different? We all are asking Santa for our name brand, top of the line Santa stuff!

I would hope that there is no feeling of pressure to upgrade every single item you have at once or even at all. Our biggest effort should be in our inner portrayal - you will add here and there to your outward appearance and it will develop and change over time as you want. Take your time, study, put the giant wad of cash away for the moment, and learn How to BE Santa Claus.

How many new members have come and their first question is, "Can someone please tell me where I can buy {fill in the blank}?

Show the children they are loved, cared for, special, and that they matter. This is done with your actions, not your suit, boots, buckles, etc. The things do help though, I agree. I am one of the first in line to buy something shiny and new, but we should give ourselves a break and enjoy the ride at a more leisurely pace. We will still get there...and the higher speeds will just mess up our hair.

I do love our community here. We are filled with wonderful characters. What amazing work Santas do in the world and the potential difference we can make in someone's life is amazing and powerful. Keep up the good work and enjoy the ride.

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Morgan Putnam


I'm guilty of this.  More, shinier, newer, more exotic.


A VERY good post, Santa Johnathan.

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Santa Gordon


Great article! Well put and written. Put your "Santa" together with care and select that which "fits" your presentation.

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Santa Hill


Well said Santa Johnathan.  Bigger, faster, better are all words that define this generation and we all get caught up in the hype.  Thanks for the perspective. 

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