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The Time Has Come!

Santa Johnathan

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For some reason, I just could not sleep this evening and thought I'd do a little writing. I'm sure like many of you, when the mind wanders around this time of year, our thoughts tend to revolve around Santa, Christmas, the season, and more.

Despite having suffered from a bad fall and a broken foot, I remain excited about the coming season and consider myself fortunate and lucky to be able to wear the red suit and be looked at, treated, and called...Santa Claus.

I certainly am no poet, I know many could write circles around me, but my mind was racing and I thought I'd be a little creative at the same time...I hope you enjoy my friends, the time has come!

The Time has Come!

by Santa Johnathan

The time has come to dress in red

To brush the beard, and look well fed.

The time has come to understand your role;

Always “placing children first” to be your goal.

The time has come to sit and hear,

The wishes of children whispered in your ear.

The time has come for those to believe;

for excitement, joy, and gifts to receive.

The time has come to show the world love

And celebrate the child that was sent from above.

The time has come, there’s much to do

Time will fly and then you’re through,

When the season ends, full of cheer and fun,

You can look back at a job well done.

You can look back at the tender times and more,

You can remember what you do this all for,

And always remember from the very start,

You made a difference, you touched a heart,

You brought a smile, a tear, a hug,

You showed them Santa, you showed them love.

The time has come, the moment is here,

YOU are Santa, you need not fear,

Follow your heart, you’ll know what to say,

Just put on the suit, and get in the sleigh.


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Santa Laureate


A nice verse my friend.Your good at writing also




"The time has come" the Waldrus said .

To speak of many things.

Of ships and shoes and ceiling wax.

Of Cabages and kings


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Chris Capstone


That's a great poem Johnathan.  Hey if you were as smart a Santa as you think you are, you would do like all these other guys and figure out a way to MAKE SOME MONEY OFF IT!  Come on man!  Don't disappoint me.  Maybe you could get it engraved on plaques or t-shirts and sell them at Santa conventions.


Seriously though, it's really nice and I enjoyed it!  You truly have the heart of Santa my friend.


"look well fed" HAHAHAHAHA!

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