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Well it was eight months ago I hung up the badge after 35 years and began retirement. No more call outs in the middle of the night, no meetings no court appearances or out of state travel for training . Finally all the projects that were often planned for Saturdays that never got done are now in progress or completed. I miss the people I worked with but many of my friends who worked with me or in other law enforcement agencies have retired as well. I don't miss the crazy hours or the administrative drama. I have had more time to devote to my hobbies and working on the beards and wigs. What used to take days to complete a wig set I can now do in a day or two now that I have time. I have experimented with some thirty year old sets I had in storage and have refurbished them. If anyone has some old sets that they want to give a second life to contact me. I am looking forward to spring so I can finally get back into the garden and work on the koi ponds. May brings the Santa gathering on Cape Cod which I am looking forward to. I plan to attend more Santa events I never had the time to in the coming years.

Given the snow this past winter it was great to be retired and not have to venture out in the storms. Spring can't come soon enough!

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Santa Marty


Congratulations Tom for your steadfast service to law enforcement in your community.


I am glad you will now have the time to do things that were put off due to work and other commitments.


Thank you for all of your advice over the years, and designer set experience shared. 

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Grandpa Gus


As a former letter carrier, I can understand and appreciate your comment. I hope you find joy and pleasure in your retirement.


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