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Making Christmas Healthy, One Santa at a Time

Dixie Claus

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I recently went through a rough time due to side effects and withdrawal symptoms from a prescribed anti-depressant. I learned of some all natural products that have literally started changing my life in just 2 weeks of taking them. I feel wonderful, have more energy, and am losing weight. I also learned a lot about the medical field. Not one cure has been discovered in over 60 years and I believe the reason for this is the pharmaceutical field would be put out of business if cures were to be found. Our body is capable of healing itself if given the chance. Our body requires certain raw materials to do this. I started thinking how great it would be if our Santa's all became healthy, too. Thus, my new quote "Making Christmas Healthy, One Santa at a Time." I just wanted to see what kind of input I could get from all the Santa's, Mrs. Claus' and elves out there. Would love to hear what you guys think. My passion is driven by closing my eyes and picturing the sweet smiling faces of children, both young and old, when they see Santa.

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