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Getting Back On Track

Santa MikeE

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The last couple of weeks have been busy, between getting my photos and the website launched, as well as doing things for work, etc.  Yesterday saw a continuation of that, we my wife and I driving from Raleigh to Alexandria National Cemetery to pay respects to her grandmother, who passed a year ago.


I did take time during the middle of last week to add a couple of posts to my website, since it had been a little while.  My intent is to start adding a post to the blog almost every day, and I've set up a story line that should occupy at least a few of these posts.  If you want to know what it is, you have to go read it.  ^_^

Another thing I'm working on in my web site is my Story of Santa.  Yes, I know it's been done, but I am trying to convince myself how I ended up as the man.  The first postulate of my Santa ethos is that Santa is eternal, but it is not the same dude forever.  This has been done in a number of stories and movies, including Joe Moore's "Believe Again" and Tim Allen in "The Santa Clause", both of which I enjoyed immensely.  The purpose of my Story of Santa is to provide a background that I can use in answering questions about the North Pole, but to act as a diversion to curious eyes exploring my website.  Note that the link for the Story of Santa appears above the About Mrs. Claus and About Santa links that will provide relevant information to prospective clients who want to know about the people who will be performing for them.  I don't mind the kids reading these things... but if they read the Story of Santa first it will actually make sense that Santa is real.

Yes, there's a lot more going on in my life as Santa.  I'm working occasionally on putting together a gig bag with all the stuff that a busy Santa is likely to need in his work.  There's a long way to go before that's complete, but I figure that there isn't a real hurry to get it done.  Also new Santa gear to be produced.  I picked up some nice material to make a Santa vest, as well as plain red cloth which I can use to make a Santa bag.  My wife promises that she will get to it soon.  Also bought some name plate magnets that I can use to repair a Reindeer Wreath ornament who's clasp broke during the photo shoot.

That's all for now.  Need to go do some more chores now, or I'm likely to get onto the Naughty list.



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