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Going White

Santa MikeE

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This morning, I finally took the time to bleach my hair.

For those of you who have followed my postings, you will know that I had my beard professionally whitened by Gary Belo, in Highpoint, NC, back in March.  Because it was just for my photo shoot, I didn't do my hair.  So for the last three months, I've been wandering around with medium dark brown hair, and a more or less white beard.  This wasn't a huge change for me, since while my hair has remained dark, my beard had been going grey for the last few years. 

It was always my intent to get around to the hair sometime before the Christmas season.  It could have waited for a few more months, but I decided to proceed with the change now because I was hoping to do a presentation at my Toastmasters club that white hair would lend credibility to.

I have been studying the process of self bleaching hair care.  After reviewing a number of sites, I have concluded that the easiest and safest method was the one developed by Shannon Settles, who works up in Wake Forest, NC.  I purchased the Trionics developer and Prism Lights bleaching powder recommended by the process over the last month.

I won't describe the process here.  Shannon goes into excellent detail in his PDF.  However, I will say that I mixed up a small batch, and slathered it all over my head.  I then used some plastic wrap to cover the hair, to prevent drying and reduce fumes for the 20 minutes or so I let the bleaching occur.  Then it was jump in the shower and rinse, shampoo, and conditioner.

Is my hair white?  Not exactly.  There's still a little bit of a yellow tint, and I can see that I didn't have complete coverage, resulting in a little dark patch near one temple, and along my neckline.  This isn't totally unexpected, since the professional who did my beard said my hair would probably take two treatments.  I will repeat tomorrow morning, and hopefully things will come out whiter.   Then I just have to redo my beard, which is showing the dark roots.  But for those of you who have been in this game for a while, you probably know the process better than I do, unless you are so fortunately that you don't need the boost.



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Santa MikeE


A follow up to my hair bleaching post.  As I reported in the blog post, my hair was a pale yellow after the first bleaching.  I repeated the process the following morning, and got it mostly white, except some spots in the back and along the edges, which were still yellowish.  A third bleaching, concentrating on those areas finally did the trick, so now my hair is snowy white... even more than my beard, which obviously could use a repeat treatment. 

I am sure that I will have plenty of opportunity to practice treating my hair and beard over the coming months, since I estimate that the original color will start showing at the roots every month or two.  But now that i've gone through the process a couple of times, I'm less concerned that I will mess it up.


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Any adjustments in your recommendations for someone whose natural color is a sort of 'straw' color? (red, as a child; strawberry blonde most of my adult like; light wheat color these last few years)

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