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Somehow, this post was never published when I entered it a week or so ago.  The form displayed it when I got ready to enter another post.  I will just push this out, and go on to write my new mutterings.

This Summer, my son moved out of the house, finally taking the plunge and joining the marines.  He's about half way through boot now, and I expect to be attending his graduation down at Paris Island in a little over a month.  His older sister moved out a number of years ago, and is currently starting her final year at college.  What this means is my wife and I are now empty nesters.

One would think that this is a great thing.  In a way, it is.  However, with the empty nest comes a number of challenges.  Chores that were delegated to a teenager are now my responsibility.  And while I don't mind doing the things that my son was tasked with doing, it takes time and energy that are in short supply while nearing 60, whereas in my 40's, those things weren't as physically demanding.  Oh well, such is life.

The point of this post, besides reminiscing about growing older, is that I am now facing a daunting project of converting our home... a 5 bedroom monstrosity that previously housed two kids, into something better suited for an older couple.  I've concluded that it would be financially better to hang on to the place for at least another 8 - 10 years, and need to make better use of the space.  After discussing it with the Mrs., I now know what to do.

We have always reserved one of the bedrooms as a guest room.  This will remain the same, although it will be kids as our primary visitor rather than parents.  Another bedroom becomes Santa's workshop.  Mom claimed both of the other rooms, one as an office, and another as a sewing room.

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