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A Month Has Past

Santa TJS

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Yes, a month has past since the magic of Christmas Eve 2007 was upon us all. As darkness fell on the 24th I began my yearly journey into Christmas making home visits and wonderful memories for young and old. Just a month ago checking every last detail of beard and costume ready to step out for the one great finale of the 2007 Christmas season. What a wonderful night it was ,snow on the ground, clear and cold but dry clear roads for travel. I visited many homes greeted many young and old leaving them with a smile and a great memory to carry them until the 2008 season.As many of us who wear the red suit each year know a month passes quickly and our thoughts turn to the season of 2008 a how we can make it even better. Our let down after the trappings of the holiday are safely stored away are now replaced by research and planning. Yes, we are looking for new suits ,better hair goods, for those of us who use them, and working on bookings for the next season. So it is that let down when the season is over is replaced by great expectations of the season that. is to come


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