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    i am in wv and as far as i know wv doesnt have a club. @Randy Reed told me about this club and that i can join a meeting. if that is allowed great just let me know the instructions
  3. this past weekend, my wife and I dressed as Father and Mother Yule. We both had a shop at a local craft Bazaar called the Yuletide Village, held at the Ohio Renaissance Faire grounds. I was sitting in the corner watching the customers when a young lass of 4 came up to me and asked if I was the "real" Santa. This threw me for a loop, I told her yes, and what is more I am the spirit of the season, like all my brothers you see dressed similar to me. I doubt she understood my meaning, but she seemed happy with the answer. She then told me she remembered sitting on my lap when she was 2, and seeing me when she was just a baby. I smiled and asked her how old she was now. I'M 4! I acted shocked and laughed. And said YES, yes you are, you are the perfect size for 4, I should have guessed. I looked and her and smiled and asked if she had been a good girl this year. Her answer was priceless. A shrug and an I don't know. He mom gave her a big hug and said the she was a VERY good girl this year. We chatted a bit more about an Elf named "Zippy" and she wanted to know if she was around. I told her No, she's checking on something for me, but I'm sure she'll be back soon. Mrs. Yule, who was sitting next to me making her jewelry reached into her basket and handed the girl and her sister a small packet with a small peppermint stick and a charm necklace she had made and then handed them a Yule tree ornament made from ribbon and a couple of wooden beads. When they were leaving the lass cried out "Don't worry Santa, I'll be good!" I almost cried. I hadn't expected this to happen and I was totally unprepared for it. It seemed to all work out though.
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    Buckeye santas

    Yes we are still active our next meeting is August 10, 2019 see link to website below. http://www.buckeyesantas.com/ If you have any questions please feel free to PM me or respond to this post.
  5. Is this club still active? Was reading the past topics....looks like ya use to have meetings. That would be kool. Welp down here in chilli town its very hot teasing us with some rain...have a blessed day.
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    Welcome to the Buckeye Santas discussion forum! Contact Information Buckeye Santas BUCKEYE SANTAS (Last updated July 28, 2009) Santa Claus Ohio

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