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This is a Group for Santas, Mrs. Clauses, Elves, and Helpers from the United Kingdom and Ireland .
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  2. Santa Vaughan

    Eyebrows - fake

    Have you tried ZM hair Santa Claus Beard Wig Set Online Shop WWW.ZMHAIR.COM Deluxe yak hair Santa Claus beards and wigs for theatrical Santa.Accept custom made human hair Facial hairs, Historical wigs, Costume wigs for Film / TV Maggie has a great reputation and is an alternative.
  3. Barkers

    Santa wigs - yak hair

    Are you in Uk and how much for the wigs? Will you split them?
  4. Rob Thompson

    Hello is this club still active?

    My life is full of ebb and flow, not sure which I prefer
  5. Santa Bruce Geron

    Hello is this club still active?

    Rob, there's a natural ebb and flow with posts. There are times when there's a great deal of activity and posting and times when it's quieter. Just like everyday life. Enjoy
  6. Rob Thompson

    Hello is this club still active?

    Excellent I shall check in regularly. thank you Papa Elf
  7. Santa Bruce Geron

    Hello is this club still active?

    Hello Rob, Yes, many of us still post are reply to each other’s comments.
  8. Hi Is the club still active, as most recent post is Nov 2019? Thanks, new member Santa Rob
  9. Santa Buchan

    Celebrating 16 Years As Santa

    Went well yesterday at The Santa Run, sadly wasn’t a big turn out but was still good . My nephew afterwards wasn’t scared seeing me as Santa
  10. Well it has been a few years since I have been in this site but thought I would post as this year marks 16 years I have been Santa in The Santa Run in Edinburgh. This Sunday I will be taking part and afterwards will be special because I became a Uncle in September so after The Run I will have a house visit and visit my nephew as Santa Ho Ho Ho!.
  11. Hi all UK Santa’s I have 2 ZM Santa wigs which I’ve never used - I bought them in case circumstances stopped me from using my own hair. One is a lace front Tim Allen style and the other has a centre parting. if anyone is interested please let me know.
  12. Santa Jolly

    Eyebrows - fake

    Hi all UK Santas, I've been looking for some quality fake eyebrows for years. I'v found some lovely curly yak hair eyebrows on a lace backing. The only problem is that they are in Switzerland. The cost about £20 a pair but the company only use FEDEX and the standard rate is around £30 for postage! Well, this is ridiculous. However, the postage stays the same no matter what you order, so............ Since internal post in the UK is around £1.20, are there any other Santas who would like to share the order with me. I can order them from Switzerland for £30 postage and share the cost and them post them onto you in the UK? We probably need a total order of about 5 or 6 pairs of eyebrows to make it practical. Or if anyone knows where I can get these CURLY STYLE please let me know.


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