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Santa falls to his death during stunt-gone-wrong...


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Children watch in horror as Russian Santa falls to his death in 'monstrous' stunt

The tragedy was described as a "completely unpredictable incident" by the residential management company that staged the event.

04:17 ET, Fri, Dec 22, 2023 | UPDATED: 06:36 ET, Fri, Dec 22, 2023

A man dressed as Santa Claus climbing down a residential building

The man dressed as Russian Santa Claus plunged to his death from the 24th floor (Image: EAST2WEST)

A man dressed as the Russian Santa Claus, Grandfather Frost, was the victim of a "monstrous misfortune" as he plunged to his death during a stunt for children.

The man, an experienced industrial climber aged between 25 and 35, had intended to stun children gathered around a Christmas tree by climbing down from a residential high-rise building.

But the amazing surprise turned into tragedy as the red-robed Grandfather Frost fell to his death from the 24th floor.

The climber, who reportedly mixed up his safety ropes, crashed on a snow-covered structure on the first floor of the building - which spared the children the sight of the body.


To add to the horror, the man's wife and his young child were reportedly among those waiting for Grandfather Frost to complete his stunt.

One eyewitness said: "Everyone was having fun, and no-one could even think this would happen.

"I thought until the last minute that it was some kind of dummy, that it was a prank. The festivities carried on. There was at first no suspicion that this was a tragedy.”

Another later revealed the incident left some parents in shock, while many of the children didn't understand the tragedy that had unfolded.

They said: "My son didn’t understand anything. Others understood, and they left in hysterics. All the parents, naturally, are in shock."

In a clip catching the horror fall and its immediate aftermath, one voice can be heard saying in disbelief: "He didn't fall?" This concern was echoed by another, who said: "Now he’ll come out [to see the children]...he couldn't fall!"

The residential management company that staged the event apologised for the incident and described the man as an "experienced specialist".

They added: "Today’s holiday turned into a monstrous misfortune." It was, they also said, a "completely unpredictable incident".

The company continued: "We will do everything in our power to help the police understand the reasons and never allow this to happen again."


Source:   https://www.the-express.com/news/world-news/122195/russia-santa-claus-falls-to-death


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Wow! No stunt is worth the tragedy that this has now caused.

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Ignorant. Just ignorant. Why on Earth do something so dangerous to try to be cute?

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6 hours ago, Black Hills Santa said:

Ignorant. Just ignorant. Why on Earth do something so dangerous to try to be cute?

Completely agree! I can’t think of anything magical about watching Santa repelling down the side of a building. 

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  • 1 month later...

I know we try to do things that "Santa" or we imagine "Santa" could do, but there needs to be a line that should never be crossed. 

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I must have missed this, but how crazy. SO sad for the Santa and his family, but the trauma for the children and families watching.

The world is mad :( 

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It's touching that he wanted to do something stunning/ magical for the children.... but should not maybe been that high up or life threatening. May he rest in peace! Prayers be with his family....

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