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  • Posting News Articles

    The primary goal of this site is to bring together fellow Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Elves for the purposes of sharing stories, advice, information, and news. If you would like to post a news article to ClausNet, please follow these simple guidelines.

    As ClausNet becomes more popular, and more members post articles, we will need to be more selective in our choice of articles we post.

    Always check to see if an article, or a very similar article, has already been posted. If your article is in the same vein as another article already published, you may instead add it to the existing topic. This will help keep the discussion on the topic going, rather than distributing it among several topics which will tend to kill the entire discussion.

    Note The Associated Press cannot be used as a source for any article. Never post or excerpt any article with an Associated Press byline no matter the source.

    In general, we cannot allow the posting of whole articles. There are copyright issues at stake, but most importantly, we appreciate the source and wish to drive traffic to their site as well.

    However, you may include an excerpt that provides some content from the article. This could be several paragraphs, and not necessarily the first ones. The point is to provide enough to give a basic idea of what the article is about, but not enough to keep the reader from clicking on the link to go to the source for more.

    Do not simply copy and paste and the article!

    Official Press Releases are the exception to this rule. Press Releases are meant to be circulated in its entirety. Therefore, feel free to post the entire Press Release. However, you still must source the article.

    The following are the critical items to include with the excerpted post:

    Article Title
    Place the headline as the first line of the post. Use the Size pull-down to make the headline stand out. Please do not use a text size larger than Size 18. When you create the topic, use the actual article headline for your topic title. This makes it easy to search for duplicates before posting. And, NO ALL UPPER CASE TITLES. If necessary, re-write the titles to be mixed case.

    Topic Tag
    In the topic tag field, enter: NEWS

    Publication Date
    Include the date of the publication (For example; Saturday December 22, 2007)

    Publication Name
    This is the publication source (For example; The New Zealand Herald or CNN)

    Include the author's name or if no name is published, include the news service (For example; By John Doe)

    Begin Excerpt
    An indication that the text in the topic is just an excerpt. Place the word "EXCERPT:" just before the body of the excerpted text begins works well.

    If there is an image in the article, you would like to include, copy and paste the URL of the image.

    Source URL
    Include the entire URL to the source, not just the domain name or publication.

    Note that you often times have to format the paragraphs you have cut and paste in the article. In particular, please remove any extra blank lines, leaving only one between paragraphs; and, if there are no blank lines between paragraphs, please add them.

    Here is an example of a properly posted story:


    Introducing 'Mount Santa Claus'

    December 22, 2007
    The New Zealand Herald
    By John Doe



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    SOURCE:  https://link-to-the-article-here



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