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The Life and Times of Santa Claus WV

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Christmas Isn't Always In December

Ok, as I sit here today thinking of my upcoming week I cannot help but be greeted with two Santa functions that I am prepared to do. The appeal of Santa Claus at functions is beginning to extend far beyond the usual two month period here in West Virginia. It is nice for a Santa to feel needed beyond the usual Season as well. A part of this week's activities calls for me to visit our local baseball team, the West Virginia Power and attend a game in honor of the Secret Santa charity that I help

John Johnson

John Johnson

Stepping Into A New Way of Thinking

Today in may ways I begin anew. My mind is clear and I focus upon the mission that I have been given to spread cheer to children of all ages. I must confess that this mission has been hampered by an unknown involvement in a conflict of pointless origin, a conflict that has riddled the Santa world. It was a conflict that I did not believe in and still do not believe in, and I pity those who are still embroiled in it. To be Santa you must have love in your heart and I found myself with no

John Johnson

John Johnson

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