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I had something happen today that is way past just strange. A father whose family I investigated, and found that he was molesting his children and abusing his wife, walked up to me and said that he would never again be with his family because of it. He said his wife is divorcing him and she is soon to regain custody of the children, in large part because she has excluded him from her life. He was not belligerent or threatening, just filled with hate, I suppose, and wanted me to know how I had




For those who feel they are at some level acquainted with me through this website, and wonder why my response to prayer requests are usually very slight, I offer the following explanation of my personal feelings. I read a book, decades ago now, "This Way For the Gas Ladies and Gentlemen" written by a survivor of the Auschwitz death camp. He was not a Jew, but he served in a workgang with two learned Polish Rabbis. For many months he heard their endless theological discussion and their many pr



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