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Time Marches On

Santa TJS

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A friend of mine retired off the job last Friday and it made me think just how quickly time passes. The fellow who retired is a year younger than I am and it make me think. Being on the same job over 30 years and nearly that many as Santa.As one passes into middle age you start to appreciate things more.I recently was asked to assist as an usher in our church I was more than happy to do so. After taking up the collection I passed by the crying room window which cast my reflection. I looked for a moment at that fellow with the grey and white hair suddenly realizing it was me. As I returned to my seat I was smiling my, wife asked me what was so funny. I whispered to her as a young boy I used to look at the old guys taking up the collection as kid we would refer to them as the old turkeys and upon seeing my reflection turns out I am one of them,and old turkey. My late father used to say when Doctors and Policemen look like kids to you your getting old. This year I will be doing Santa visits for second generation of children. Many of my family members cousins nieces and nephews started families of their own so the legacy continues.


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Thank you Santa TJS, Great thoughts on life. I'm 38 yrs old and just starting my Santa career. I can only hope to one day be able to look back on a wonderful Santa career as you are now.

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Singing Santa


Dear Santa TJS:

I loved your comments regarding the ushers at church. I remember thinking the same thing. My grandfather use to say. "I have never met a man on his death bed who wished he had spent more time at the office" I'm only 43, but I see how fast time is sliping by. It's a wonderful Life and we need to make each day count!

Thanks again for the thoughts,

Santa Tom

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