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Michael Rielly

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I was thinking about this, this morning on my drive into work. Only a few months ago, ClausNET was less than 30 members. In a year we grew to over 400!

What makes ClausNET different from other Santa and Mrs. Claus groups? What is it that makes folks come here and keep coming back? There are other 'Santa Claus' groups online. Why is ClausNET different than other groups? Is it the software you are reading this with? Is it the graphics? Is it the Arcade or the Live Chat?

And then it struck me. It's not about the software or the graphics. It's because ClausNET isn't just an email group or an internet forum. It's a community. Every day I look forward to visiting the site, reading posts and chatting with everyone. I look forward to catching up on what everyone is doing. This is a place to hang out. It's a place where we can catch up with friends and meet new ones.

Thanks for making ClausNET what it is -- a community of friends and family!


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I strongly agree! I look forward to meeting new freinds here and chatting with everyone. I enjoy helping new Mrs. Claus and Santa's when I can. It is a sense of community and a Santa family! Nora

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I too agree !While it has taken awhile for me to figure things out here I am really enjoying being a part of the family here .

Nora I so appreciate your love and patience as I am still learning things here and making some mistakes .

I do have things together for the most part just really looking forward to getting my bookings going now.

I live in a tiny community where work for people doing such things as I do is hard to come by but God I believe will open the doors that I need to walk through .

If anyone reading this has any ideas on who to contact let me know.

Thanks and blessings,


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