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Little Marissa

Michael Rielly

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I worked the Polar Express last weekend. If any of you have worked a Polar Express you know that there is very little time to get through the entire train by the time you get back into the station. So the amount of time you can spend with each family is limited.

Well on Sunday, I asked this one little girl named Marissa if there was anything special she wanted for Christmas. She thought about it for a minute or tow but just couldn't think of anything. So I told her I would surprise her with something nice. She nodded and then I told her that Santa Claus loves her and went on to the next table.

When we pull into the station, Santa has to disappear. So I hide in the caboose until all the passengers get off the train and get into their cars. Only then can I come out of caboose. Just as I was getting ready to leave, one of the hot chocolate waitresses entered the caboose and asked if I could speak with someone.

I open the door of the caboose and there is Marissa in her father's arms. She was crying with her face buried in her dad's chest. The waitress told me that she was upset because she had finally remembered what she wanted to ask Santa Claus for and now Santa was gone. I quietly snuck up to her and whispered in her ear; 'Hello Marissa. Did you remember what you wanted to as for Christmas?" Marissa turned and a smile that lit up the entire room appeared on her face. She told me what she wanted; some American Girl Doll accessories and a Holiday Barbie. I looked at her dad and he gave me a nod. I turned back to Marissa and said; "Don't worry Marissa, you'll get it. Merry Christmas sweetheart."

Marissa's dad shook may hand and thanked me; "Thank you so much Santa."

This what I love about being Santa Claus.


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Frederick Schmidt


I love those stories. You know I have people who ask me, don't you get tired of listening to all those kids? I have to tell them, unless you are there, you have no idea. Every year I see those little ones with their eyes so bright. You can just feel the excitement. It is simply undescribable. I am hooked. I love it.

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