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Getting Your Name Out


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As we all are aware, the Christmas season is fast approaching and it would be nice if the people in your area knew that you existed as Santa. Advertising our Santa services can sometimes be a hit or miss proposition whether we use the internet resources or the sometimes costly print or television media. I have discovered, certainly not on my own, a great source of free advertising that exists in most major television markets around the country. The TV stations created what most of them refer to as the "A LIST" of local businesses who consider themselves as the best business in a particular category. The businesses then recruit their clientel to vote for them as the best. The results are then listed, by the TV station, as a recomendation to the public to use these businesses. Basically, you can get some incredible free advertising by ending up in first place in a particular category. What makes this really unique is that you do not have to live in the city of the business to vote for that business. We have had businesses across the country that have voted for us and we have voted for them so that it helps both businesses in different markets. Santa Claus and Company is listed in the "theatrical group" category in the Denver market so that any Santa can go to the Denver Channels "A LIST" and cast a vote for us and we can go and vote for a Santa at their home TV station. Kind of cool being able to help others from a long distance. To see how this works follow this link http://ctvr.us/santaclaus and go through the voting registration and cast your vote if you so choose and then look for your local TV "A LIST" and the post your link in the response section of this blog.

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I personally would be wary of doing this without knowing the person and their performance personally.

I'm very cautious who I recommend for jobs unless I'm certain they indeed ARE "A" list material, so to speak.

Declaring oneself an "A" list business is quite easy to do. BEING that "A" list business is another matter.

That's much like referring someone to a friend who is hiring and then that person

stealing them blind. That referral could come back to bite you and hurt YOUR business.

I think I'll stick to advertising the old fashioned way, personally, rather than ask

people to vouch for my Company and expect me to vouch for theirs when we don't even know each other at all.


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