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one step closer


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Good morning fellow kringles. I have taken another step in becoming a better santa. This past july we had a baby girl, miss sabrina she was born on july 3rd, 4 days before my birthday. Well anyway, my wife said duringthe week and a half that i took off from work, that i would look really good with a full beard. i told her that if she would let me dye it when i played santa that i would, well, i did and it has come in really full. I am hoping that it will be a little longer by nov. 12th. That is my first booking. i am doing a antique and collectable auction for Santas castle. So i ordered the ben nye white and the silver grey. So keep your collective fingers crossed that i have the power to grow a little more. and if there are any tips on how to apply or tricks youve learned about the coloring, please let me know...Have a great day, and remeber anytime is a great time for christmas music!!!!

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