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From: Freedom Quilters need help


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ok, i heard about a need in my communtiy today that i thought maybe that my kringle family could help out with. There is a lady by the name of betty neilsen that is the founder of freedom quilters. she started this project after 9/11 and her and her groupd of deicated ladies haev made quilts since for the families of the victims of 9/11 and soliders that have proudly served out country. the family is never charged for the wonderful quilt that they recieve. this project is 100 non profitt and is in need of alittl help. Ithought maybe all fo you could check her and her project out. maybe help spread that word that would in turn help betty and her group recieve the funds that they so desperatly need. I know that they have tried doing events in the past athat people in our area have not taken to, i dont know why. so please spread the word of that wonderful workt that these ladies do. i was told that they do have a facebook page, and also a website (i think) i dont have the time or resources to help them develop a way to reach out to the larger communtiy to raise funds. but i hope that maybe someone will tellt eh right person with a huge heart and myabe a little money to spare so that these ladies can continue their wonderful work with out worring about money.

remeber : freedom quilters in Varina Iowa

thak you so much

God bless America!!!!

Source: Freedom Quilters need help


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