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Welcome to Our Corner of the Santa Realm!

Santa Leonard

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Greetings to All!

Our names are Leonard and Emily Hutchens, and welcome to our little corner of the Santa Realm! That is what Emily, my wife and Mrs. Claus to my Santa, tagged our time we spend at Santa workshops, retreats, and other Santa functions.

I will remember the 1st function that we attended. It was a Roundtable organized by Santas Jac Grimes and Cliff Snider of High Point, NC. As we were driving home, I was aware of an inner calm that had been brought about by the fellowship of others attending the event.

Looking out of her car window, Emily remarked, "I wish we could stay in the Santa Realm forever."

She went on to describe her feelings of inner peace and contentment that she was experiencing because of the unmistakable joy that the others shared with us over our weekend.

As ambassadors of the "Santa Realm" isn't it our function to extend this sense of wonder, magic, and joy of the Christmas season to the children who visit us, the families that invite us into their homes, and others that cross our paths during the rushed Christmas season? Let us take this a step further. Should we not do what we can to extend this sense of peace and good will not only through Christmas, but for the remainder of the year as well?

Let's make this pact with each other as brother Santas - that we will do everything that we can to live and treat others as if it is Christmas each day!

Blessings to All in the Realm,

Santa Leonard


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