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Post Christmas Let-Down

Santa Leonard

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Today it hit: the post-season "let-down". After a very busy Christmas, things are strangely quiet. No frantic last minute callers pleading to try to work them in the schedule or fielding web site inquires or preparing for or appearing at the numerous events this year.

It really hit today because I could eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel without my two scrambled with bacon being interrupted by the little folk. Ah, how fleeting is fame!

At least the trees are still up and will be my festive pals through New Year's - which I hope for anyone reading these words is a happy one!


Santa Leonard

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Santa Marty


Yep, the let down has hammered me pretty hard the last couple of days!

Where is the excitement I felt in late August/early September?

Somehow there is some comfort in knowing I am not alone. Thanks Santa Leonard!

Misery loves Company!!

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Hmm..not feeling the let down. The Mrs wont allow it. She is already plotting and planning for next year. We had a great season and even picked up a few new "friends" to visit again next year. So the hunt is on again for all the special little Santa Bag items we carry at all times. We never know what kind of Santa emergency we will have.. but have no fear Mrs.C has somehow planned for it. I was right again.. the storage room was clean and empty for exactly one week...lol. Its going to be a good year. Happy New Years one and all!

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i had a possitive unexpected thing happen the other day, i work at a local payless shoesource and had a lady the other day come in and we started talking, come to find out she is a business owner about 45 min away from me and wants santa next year for her shop and also has a friend that has aphoto place. so i hope that i hear from her. It would be awesome!!!!

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Kris Claus


I 'm still getting hits on my Santa profile at gigsalad. :blink: No quote requests, though. Looks like some people are planning early for next year.

But yeah, I took down my little 12" tree last week. The batteries finally died. :rolleyes:

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