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Hope all that got my Christmas Card enjoyed the poem it came with . Merry Christmas to my Santa family. Bestamore helped with that one. She is my editor and proof reader.


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Santa Laureate


We visited 193 beds of Veterans at the Madison V.A. Hospital. After that on to the Ronald Mc Donald house in Madison . That was a busy day.

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Santa Laureate


for all who never got a copy of the poem.

As we spread the news of love and hope

To children everywhere

Santa and Mrs. Claus take time

To say a Christmas prayer.

Lord thank you that you came to earth

To show us all your way;

How to live, love and take the time

For people everyday

Thank you Lord that You have blessed

Us with this special gift

That we can spread Your love to all

And give each heart a lift.

We ask You, pour Your blessings Lord,

On all of those we’ve met

And Lord we give a special thanks

For our friends who are on ClausNet.

Christmas Blessings through the coming New Year,

From Santa Laureate and Bestemor Claus

Bill Wilson and Judi Broderick

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