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Too Santa what’s that mean?

Santa Brian of SC

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Too Santa what’s that mean?

A few weeks back I heard the song made famous by George Jones called “Too Country”. The song goes through talking about being called too country in his singing. The verse’s go through the process of talking about different things from food to almost anything that any person or someone from a higher standard would consider to beneath them or not “proper” or too country… It got me to thinking about all the things I had read over the past three years of discovering the wonderful world of Saint Nick’s on the internet. From facebook group discussions to our very on Clausnet. (By the way a BIG THANKS to Michael Rielly for this site).

Does anything we as representatives of Santa make us too Santa? Now this question leads to mostly only impact our real bearded brothers in red.. For the designer bearded Santa’s we can take the beard off at the end of the day and blend in with the rest of the world. Nothing wrong with that what so ever. I have been on both sides of the coin. I grew a real beard out two seasons’ ago but went back to an upgraded designer beard this year. At 42 between the Mr’s and my office job the real beard did not work well for me. Not to say though that 10 -15 years from now the real beard will not be permanent. None the less back to our real bearded Santa’s. If you wear red each time you go out does that make you too Santa? If you drive a red car or have Santa designs on your car does that make you too Santa?

For those of us real or designer bearded who feel the need to listen to Christmas music when it’s not the season does that make us too Santa? I have a work shop that I like to make Christmas crafts in. While I am in there sometimes I wear my Santa hat…. too Santa? There were some Santa’s I know that would wear their Santa hats while on our monthly “LIVE CHAT” on Clausnet….( The live chat is the 3rd Saturday night of each month at 9:00PM eastern standard time and open to anyone)… Now that I got that plug in there…. Does that make them / us too Santa?

On the other side of the coin if you never go to a Santa school does it make you less of a Santa? If you never officially signed the Santa oath does that make you any less a Santa?

As I have documented before many times I believe that being a Santa boils down to what is in your heart. Whether you received the calling or just put on the suit to make a buck.

There are discussions on both sides of the coin for these questions. I have read where some Santa representatives take the persona as far as dressing each day like Santa no matter where they go. Change names to Santa Claus, Chris Kringle or a host of other names for Santa. I don’t write this blog to try and sway or critique anyone. Just too merely ask the question that popped into my head when I heard the song too country…. Can we go too far as to be too Santa?

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Felix Estridge


If we are trying to actually "just be Santa", then no, nothing is too much. Things get too much when ego is allowed into our portrayal.

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Santa Dave T


When ego go awry then it is too much otherwise no.

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Ken Kringle


I realized 7 years ago that whether I liked it or not, that I look like Santa. At 6'2" 335 lbs. Long white hair and beard and a permanent reddish complection..it really wasn't did I want too or not!! 


95% of my time I wear overalls with a red T shirt and boots.. I carry my business card with my Santa Pic on it. When ever I hear a child say something to anyone about that's Santa. I walk over and lean down to them and say.." I am not saying I am, I am not saying I am not, BUT, you never know"...Then I wink at them and hand their Mom /Dad my card.. It has never yet failed to please Parents and kids...Parents use it as a motivational tool ( "See, you never know when Santa may be watching"). The kids get very excited..

The hard part is to remember its SANTA they are thrilled to see,,NOT ME !!

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