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Did I Mention It Is Easter?

Santa MikeE

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Over the years, Easter has changed for me.  Back before I got married, it was much like any other day, except that I would make a special effort to go to church.  That, and the stores were stocked with chocolate bunnies and eggs.  After I got married, I became much more familiar with the candy and egg painting again, which I hadn't been involved with since I was in middle school.  But now, with my youngest out of high school and set on joining the marines, Easter is no longer about the candy any more.  Yes, I expect we'll see those times again, after there are grand kids, but that is probably a few years off, God willing.

For the most part, this holiday is a non-event, as far as people having a three day weekend.  Yes, both my wife and I were off Friday, but we didn't go anywhere.  There's too much to do around the house, refurbishing bedrooms as kids have moved on, and turning them into office space, guest bedroom, sewing room, Santa study, and what have you.  Since I'm doing this work myself, its slow going, although I finished painting one room a week ago, and will start painting the next in a week (currently masking).  The nice thing about this mini-remodel is that it should be the last time to do so for this house.  We bought it new in 2001, and depending on the ups and downs of the real estate market in this area, will be looking to sell in another 4 - 6 years, as I retire.

I haven't decided where we will go at that point.  I have been thinking for years that I would like to get some acreage away from the city... 20 - 30 miles out would be good.  If I enjoy playing Santa as much as I expect that I will during the times before this move, I would even consider coming up with some variation of "Santa's House".   Yes, I know that Reindeer aren't practical or possible in North Carolina, but other things are possible.  But that's a daydream for another day.

What's been going on this week?  Well, I ordered an assortment of hair/beard care goodies... including some Prism Lites Blue Lightener and some Trionics lift thru, with the thought to try maintaining my own beard coloring using the Shannon Settles method.  I had my beard bleached professionally back in February, and it's already starting to show the grey.  I'll have it done one more time by the professional in the next month or so, and catch the hair on top, which is still fairly brown.  After that, in July, I'll try it myself.  If I can't get it right, I'll still have time to let it grow back, and get the Pros to fix it.

Also picked up some got2b Glued, to get the 'stash out of my mouth.  It's going to take some practice to apply this, since I found if you use too much, it clumps, and doesn't look at all natural.  Not worried about this one.  Finally, got some Cowboy Magic detangler.  This stuff is great!  Although I am finding that it takes a lot less than I expect it to... 

And the goodies keep coming.  I ordered and received Joe Moore's third Santa Claus book "Glaciers Melt & Mountains Smoke".  The first book of the series was great, and the second was pretty good.  I'm hoping for another good read with this one, although I haven't had time to read more than the first 3 chapters.  Interesting story, but it has already widely diverged from my "North Pole", as I pencil it out.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.  Blessings on you all.




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