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It's Beginning To Look Not Like Christmas

Santa MikeE

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The post Christmas enthusiasm is beginning to wear off, and it's getting more and more difficult to muster the Christmas Spirit as we move into Spring and Summer.  Yes, I am moving forward with preparations for the next season, but I find that much of what I have to do is wait for the next thing.

One thing that I just completed is Ed Taylor's Santa Claus Conservatory classes.  Not having worked as a paid Santa Claus before, I have to admit that there was a whole lot of useful information there.  I'm just not sure that I was able to absorb it all, since I don't have any real personal experience to compare it to.  Well, that's what I'll be getting during this next year, hopefully.  I fully expect to get a fair number of gigs from other Santa's in the area who are overbooked (or so they tell me at the local IBRBS meetings).  Next year, I can repeat the classes, and perhaps attend one of the Santa Schools, depending on their schedule and mine, since I am still a working stiff.

As I mentioned, I do attend the local IBRBS meetings.  Next one is Wednesday at lunch, which isn't terribly convenient, but I fell that it is worth attending, even though it's just a planning meeting.  I also attend a story telling class offered by Steve Gillham, which will be tomorrow after work.  I don't expect to become a Super Santa in only a year or two because of these groups, but I do hope that these associations will allow me to become a better Santa than I would otherwise.

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