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  • Episode 14 - 2021 Recap and Time to Reassess Your Business

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    Welcome to the January 2022 episode of the ClausNet Podcast!

    In this episode…

    Host Greg Martin takes a look back at this past year and the guests he talked to.

    Santa News -

    We take brief look at some of the news items from last year.

    Santa’s Workshop -

    Now is the perfect time to review your years as Santa and make any changes that need to be made.


    Santa’s Tailor - Bespoke clothing to look like the best Santa Claus you can be. Wear clothing, not a costume with SantasTailor.com

    Patron - @Black Hills Santa, Jason Yeary and @SantaFredNY, Fred Bulmer

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    Rob Thompson

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    As ever Greg, the podcast is excellent. I was a little disappointed in terms of the listening stats and the possibility of the Podcasts coming to an end.

    Of course not everyone will be interested but given theamount of members on ClausNet I would have thought the listenership would have been significant.

    Not only do the Podcasts offer a range of first class information, lots of which I have taken on board and added to my skill set and portrayal of Santa. This is information one would either have to stumble across or learn, (often by mistake) or you would have to pay for it! The Podcasts also offer a great insight into the personalities in the Christmas family.

    Importantly, they also have a lovely balance of the deep and meaningful issues, eg, the recent discussion in respect of gender and valuing difference, to the highly amusing interviews. 

    All in all, it is really informative and enjoyable listening. 

    It must be said Greg, that this just wouldnt be the same without you at the helm, super professional, easy listening and when I listen, I always feel like I am in the living room with you and your guests.

    Thanks again Greg for the graft you put in and also to Michael.

    ClausNet members, please support this, listen to the podcasts, leave comments and or make a donation if you can.

    Lets keep the Podcasts going. You know it makes sense!


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    Black Hills Santa

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    Once again, a top-notch program. Every month I eagerly await the release of the new podcast. I have a library in my home with a shelf packed completely full of books about Christmas, Santa Claus, and St. Nicholas. I even attended theology school and wrote about Saint Nicholas because my knowledge is that great.

    Since my journey into the professional Santa world, I have learned to hand sew clothes, craft leather so I can install straps and buckles upon my leather boots. I have learned how to communicate with thousands of children instead of just my three. I have learned to take a frown and turn it into a smile, take tears and turn them into magic.

    This podcast increases my knowledge every month. I love to learn. As I just stated, I already know a lot but there's always something else for me to learn. I understand there are times that there may be a topic not everyone appreciates or wants to learn about. Oh, well. In academia you tackle subjects that can be uncomfortable for you and that you do not want to learn about. However, in the academic circle discussions on these topics allow for more clear thinking and critical thinking that increases the knowledge of the learner.

    It would be a dirty rotten shame if this podcast ends because it is not supported by those in the Santa world. Not one of us knows everything and each and every one of us needs to broaden our education. Sure, you may do something that works for you and you may stick with it. But if you support this podcast and you listen to it and you take into the marrow of your bones what is being discussed you may find yourself in a situation in which what you heard on the podcast can assist you in being a better Santa.

    Whether you like it or not, the world is changing in every facet. It always has since the beginning of time. Man kind has always sought to better himself in every aspect of his life. Unfortunately, there have been times that mankind has made mistakes and there have been times that a great wealth of knowledge has been lost to the dustbin of history, as in the library of Alexandria.  I hope that this wealth of knowledge, which is this podcast, does not become a relic that is sent to the dustbin. It would be a great detriment to the Santa Claus world to lose this podcast because some thought themselves so good they could not support it.

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    Santa SteveKl

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    As always, I look forward to these and when I found out the next one was available. I jumped right in to listen to this broadcast.

    I love these and look forward to them with Christmas morning anticipation!

    As expected the podcast is incredible and well worth the time to listen to.

    I can tell you that this podcast is extremely appreciated by this Santa!

    If anyone is an active member of ClausNet and does not listen to these podcasts, you are not as active as you can be and, in my humble opinion, you are hindering your growth as Santa and portraying Santa to anyone you come in contact with!

    While you are at it, share these with others. We need to get this circulated so more will listen. This is a resource we have and I personally do not want to see these expire!


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    Michael Rielly

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    SHARE this episode!

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