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  • Episode 9 - Is Rudolph part of the team and using your talent as Santa

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    In this episode...

    Santa News
    Actor Danny Trejo is going to be donning the Red Suit!

    Santa’s home in Lapland has been seeing record high temps and the elves are panicked!

    Santa has permeated pop culture to the point of being a comic book character, many times over.

    Answers from the Big Chair
    We take another look at Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer and ask the questions as to how you incorporate him into your Santa. Is he a valued member or just a part of the special team?

    Feature Interview
    This month we are taking a look at added-value Santas. Those that bring something else to their performance other than a ho-ho-ho. We talk to the @Singing Santa, Tom Long and magician/Santa @Chris Capstone. They talk candidly about their bonus skills and whether it’s been good or bad.

    Mrs. Claus Corner
    Our Mrs. Claus, @Nancy Hopkins, is back with a bag of tricks that you just might want to add to your Mrs. Claus including books, temporary tattoos and movie nights.


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    Patron Donations

    SantaFredNY - Fred Bulmer

    The Singing Santa - Tom Long

    User Feedback

    Rob Thompson

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    Another great podcast. full of really useful information too. I particularly liked the discussion re Santa and magic tricks. It made total sense to me and something else occurred to me, if a child managed to reveal the trick, I think there is a danger it may bring the Santa magic into question. So unless you are sure skilled, and I am not, I will leave that one.

    Top class Greg, thanks for the work you put into the podcast, it is greatly appreciated, :)

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    Michael Rielly

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    Another great episode! Thank you @RadioSanta Greg Martin for all your hard work in producing and engineering these podcast episodes!

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    Felix Estridge

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    Great to hear from both Tom and Chris!

    I met Tom back in 2012 in Santa Claus, IN while attending the Jim Yellig Santa Claus Workshop.  Tom, along with a few others, went to dinner with me and my wife one night so we could enjoy the local area's restaurants and I got to know him a little better, along with the others attending.  Tom is a genuinely a happy person; jolly and full of cheer.  That is apparent from, first and foremost, his relationship with Christ along with the joy he gets from his more-than-fulltime job.  I'll let him share more about that should he choose to do so.

    Chris and I have yet to meet in person.  But I consider him a friend as I do Tom.  Chris and I speak on the phone when either of us have a need to discuss a topic where we are looking for input.  Chris has a lengthy experience in entertaining where he brings that to bear as Santa and pulls more and more into his circumference of repeat clientele.  He has focused his efforts into a more simple approach in putting an appearance together yet never fails to wow all those in attendance.

    Two Santas whom we can all learn from.  Thank you, Tom & Chris!

    Nancy always gives great advice and experience for Mrs. Claus.  Thank you, Nancy!

    And thank you, Greg, for another stellar episode of the ClausNet Podcast!!!

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    Black Hills Santa

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    excited chicago blackhawks GIF by NBC Sports Chicago

    He shoots, he scores! Another wonderful podcast from Greg Martin. The interviews with Tom and Chris were spot on, but Mrs Claus Corner is fantastic. For those of us with a Mrs Claus, this segment is always perfect. My wife can be hesitant in her role, but this segment provides knowledge and encouragement that is often missing in the Santa/ Christmas world. Want evidence to the importance of this segment? My wife would NEVER had called in before...but she did this time. The reason? Knowing other Mrs Clauses are listening, she's not alone. 

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